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Interior Window Cleaning
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  • Streak Free Guarantee
  • Removes Environmental Debris
  • Discounts for Ongoing Service
Exterior Window Cleaning
commercial window cleaning
  • Removes Smudges & Indoor Pollutants
  • All Technicians Bonded & Insured
  • Year Round Service
Commercial Window Cleaning
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  • Up to Three Stories
  • Competitive Rates
  • Professional Reliable Service
Additional Services
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  • Screen Cleaning
  • Track & Sill Cleaning
  • Skylight Cleaning


Window Genie of North Indianapolis

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How We Count Windows

count windows cleaning

These are single or double hung windows. They lift up and down and may be single windows or have multiple windows within a single opening. Screens are on the outside and are either full or half screens.

counting windows cleaning services

These are casement or sliding windows. They will slide either left or right or they will crank out. There can be multiple windows within an opening and include a fixed piece of glass. Screens are on the outside of a slider and the inside for casements.

count double hung casement windows cleaning

These are single or double hung windows with the addition of a transom on the top. Window count is the same as above PLUS the addition of the transom.

counting windows cleaning service

These are double hung windows that have either "false" grids or TDL's which are True Divided Lights. Type 1 is a "false" divided window with a removal grid made of either wood or plastic. Type 2 is a TDL with a 6/6 or a 6 over 6 style window. Each piece of glass is permanently separated by the divider.

home window cleaning service

These are windows that have an additional set of windows or storms windows attached to the exterior. Also known as Triple Track Storms, they typically slide up and down and can be removed from the interior for cleaning.

home window cleaning

Various windows that include half rounds, half moons, sliding doors and fixed plates of glass.

Our service partners and vendors include

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